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Save the Date - Toast Summit

Join us on September 19th for the 2nd Annual Women in Tech Summit hosted by Toast, a full-day event dedicated to uplifting and empowering women in the tech industry. Designed to celebrate and honour the achievements of women, this summit aims to provide a supportive environment where attendees can network, learn, and grow together.

Check out our event page for more details!

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Lateral Kindness

Join us for a transformative session with Jacqueline Jennings as she unpacks the concept of lateral kindness. Jacqueline will delve into the phenomenon of projected perfectionism, explaining its roots, manifestations, and how it serves to reinforce white supremacy culture. Jacqueline will guide you on a journey to unlearn harmful behaviors, decolonize your mindset, and foster unity. She will shift the focus to identifying and challenging larger systemic issues like the influence of billionaires and corporate power. Jacqueline’s dedication to supporting conscious leaders and her impactful work with the Raven Indigenous Capital Partners and the Fireweed Fellowship makes her the perfect guide for this important conversation.

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